3 Easy Steps to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding

Investing with ArborCrowd gets you access to real estate investment opportunities that were previously only available to institutional investors like hedge funds.

3 Easy Steps

Sign up for a free, no obligation account to get access to important details about current and past deals. Get informed so you can make the right choices.

Select the right deal for you and invest – all online. Have a question? A real person will answer your call and talk you through it.

Get projected investment returns in our transparent business plan. You’ll get deal updates – from renovations, rental updates, refinancing and eventual sale of the property.

Investing with ArborCrowd

1. Q: How does ArborCrowd work?

A: We provide Accredited Investors with access to real estate investment opportunities that are managed by tenured commercial real estate professionals. After creating an account, prospective investors can browse open investment opportunities, learn about the offerings and if they choose to invest, can even sign transaction documents online.

2. Q: How do I create an account for ArborCrowd?

A: Prospective investors can create a personal account by providing a name, phone number and email address.

3. Q: How do I delete an ArborCrowd account?

A: Investors can close an account by contacting an investor relations manager at info@ArborCrowd.com or (844) 365–1200.

4. Q: How does the investment process work?

A: If you have signed up for an ArborCrowd account, you will receive notification from us when a new investment opportunity is available. The notification will provide you with a link to the opportunity’s detail page where you can access deal-specific investment information — including the minimum investment sought — for the specific opportunity. If you determine that you would like to invest in the specific opportunity, you may submit an offer online.

5. Q: What happens once I have submitted an offer to invest?

A: Your offer is a commitment to invest in the specific opportunity. Once we verify that you are an Accredited Investor, we hold those commitments until the minimum investment amount being raised has been committed. Once the minimum is reached, the closing process will commence. ArborCrowd then collects all commitments that have been received and pools them to ultimately invest in the real estate through a single vehicle, often alongside other third parties. On many occasions, a specific opportunity will be oversubscribed — which means that there is so much interest that we simply cannot accommodate all the offers we receive or cannot accommodate the full offer amount that a prospective investor has offered. Therefore, your investment is not final until the minimum investment target has been reached, all of your legal documents have been signed and your offer has been accepted. Once the closing is complete, investors will receive a copy of the final closing documents. If your offer was not accepted, please don’t hesitate to call an investor relations manager at info@ArborCrowd.com or (844)-365-1200.

6. Q: How does a prospective investor transfer investment funds to ArborCrowd?

A: The investor can authorize an automatic electronic fund transfer or mail in a check.

7. Q: How long does it take to invest in an opportunity on ArborCrowd?

A: The investment process typically takes anywhere from three business days to one week, although it could take less or more time. Note that once the investment process is completed, the actual acceptance of your offer, if it occurs, and the closing of the transaction, may not occur for additional four to seven weeks.

8. Q: How do investors get a return on their investments?

A: Investors receive a return on their investments when the transaction sponsor distributes money. Distributions are typically made to investors when there is excess cash flow at the property after payment of all expenses, debt service and reserves and when the investment property is sold. The projected returns are different for each specific opportunity. Returns are projections and are not guaranteed.

9. Q: Am I allowed to resell or transfer my investments?

A: No. While the transaction sponsor provides targeted holding periods for each specific investment opportunity, there is no guarantee that the investment will not be held for a shorter or longer period. Prior to investing, you should understand that you may be holding your investment for an extended period of time

10. Q: Is the ArborCrowd platform secure?

A: Yes. We understand the sensitive nature of your privacy and the information you provide to us. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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Investment Opportunities

Southern States Multifamily Portfolio

Huntsville, AL & Robinsonville, MS Multifamily
Deal Size $24,400,000
Proj. IRR 17-20%
Proj. Hold 2-3 years

Clinton Hill Multifamily Portfolio

Brooklyn, NY Multifamily
Deal Size $36,923,361
Proj. IRR 12-15%
Proj. Hold 4-5 yrs

1413 York Avenue

New York Multifamily
Deal Size $10,257,398
Proj. IRR 12-15%
Proj. Hold 3-5 yrs