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What was true in Carnegie’s time is equally true today.  Now, you too can be “in real estate”, but without many of the down-sides of real estate ownership – e.g. tenants, toilets, and trash.

By investing through real estate crowdfunding, you are buying partial ownership of a real estate investment that’s already proceeding.

You benefit from the experience of real estate professionals with decades of investing experience, who structure and operate the deal end-to-end.  You don’t have to worry about managing the property yourself!

ArborCrowd’s current investment is Lago Paradiso, in Miami’s Hammocks neighborhood. The property is an already profitable and stabilized multifamily complex, over 90% leased and currently earning revenue.


The Property has a targeted 13% to 17% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and a projected hold period of 4 to 7 years.


The goal of the business plan is to cultivate tremendous value upon sale of the Property, while maintaining strong annual returns for investors. This will be executed through a value-add repositioning, experienced property management and operational efficiency.

“ArborCrowd is the engine that brings successful real estate investments with the industry’s best sponsors and crowd investors,” said Ivan Kaufman, Co-founder and CEO, ArborCrowd. “The long-standing relationships that ArborCrowd has developed with institutional real estate investors has enabled us to attract a network of successful leaders who know how to source, manage and execute some of the best multifamily deals in the country.”

“Looking at just the returns of a property are not enough. ArborCrowd will only post what we believe is a strong investment offering. In order to be confident in the deal, we hone in on the depth and breadth of the sponsor’s experience,” said Adam Kaufman, Co-founder and Managing Director, ArborCrowd. “This commitment to only presenting high caliber deals is proving to be successful as all our previous deals funded quickly – with ArborCrowd’s last equity raise oversubscribed in just three business days.”

Learn more about this exciting real estate investment opportunity today.  We look forward to investing with you!

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