Clinton Hill Portfolio New York | Multifamily Offering Funded Capitalization: $36,900,000 Projected IRR: 12% - 15% Projected Hold: 4 - 5 years Learn More

“At 79-units, the Clinton Hill portfolio is a larger scale property than I would have access to otherwise. I also felt very comfortable with the business plan, and that the sponsors had a strong ability to execute. It’s an amazing sector for someone who wants to put their money somewhere and see it grow. For someone to leave their money sitting in the bank, gaining no interest, versus putting it in real estate through ArborCrowd to realize significant returns over a few years – it is simply a no-brainer.”

-- Anita Aharonoff, Clinton Hill Investor

The Clinton Hill Multifamily Portfolio is a three-building, 79-unit multifamily portfolio located in one of the most coveted Brooklyn neighborhoods. The Sponsors acquired the Portfolio in September 2016 for $29,200,000 and are currently completing a substantial repositioning that will dramatically increase the building’s cash flow and value.

Property Details

• Value-Add Renovation: Sponsors will achieve an operational upside
through professional management and high-end property renovations.
The value created by these physical improvements — which includes
adding bedrooms — will be compounded by capturing rent restricted
tenants over the course of the hold period.

• Strong Sponsor Track Record: The business plan is well suited to AMAC and SSP’s extensive experience with similar assets and renovation
strategies in the New York City multifamily market.

• Location: The properties are well-located in Clinton Hill, a charming
residential neighborhood with two private colleges – Pratt Institute and St. Joseph’s College. The subway is less than a minute walk from all properties. The Brooklyn Navy Yard — located less than a mile away — will double employment to 16,000 by 2020.

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