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The single-family rental (SFR) and build-to-rent (BTR) market is experiencing unprecedented growth driven by:
  • Strong demand amid low supply
  • High average occupancy rates
  • Double-digit annual rent growth
  • Record institutional investment
  • Ample opportunity for price dislocation
  • Resilient to turbulent economic periods
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The Benefits of Fixed Income from Real Estate Investments
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jul 28, 2021
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Can a Stabilized Real Estate Asset Yield Strong Returns?
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jul 8, 2021
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Debt in the Commercial Real Estate Capital Stack
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jun 7, 2021
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ArborCrowd Property Video: Selby Ranch SFR Community
By The ArborCrowd Team
Mar 7, 2022
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Ivan Kaufman on CNBC: How COVID-19 Affected Multifamily
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jun 26, 2020
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