Lago Paradiso Miami | Multifamily Offering Funded Capitalization: $69,500,000 Projected IRR: 14%-17% Projected Hold: 4 - 7 years Learn More

“The reason I chose ArborCrowd – security. I had incredible comfort by the fact that ArborCrowd’s CEO has been in the industry for more than 30 years. And, after meeting the leadership team, who all took the time to answer my questions, I felt very confident that we would do well together in real estate and that my investments are safe. With the four deals I’ve done with ArborCrowd, I know you are doing deals in your sweet spot and I trust your experience in knowing a good investment.”

Eric Schultz, ArborCrowd Investor

Lago Paradiso is a lakefront apartment complex that consists of 424 units across 27 buildings in Miami. As a profitable and stabilized value-add property, Lago Paradiso is located in one of the most international and desirable marketplaces in the country.

The goal of the business plan is to cultivate tremendous exit value while maintaining strong annual returns for investors.

Property Details
  • Experienced Sponsor: The key principal of the Property, Joseph Lubeck, is CEO and Co-Manager of Robbins Electra and has executed similar business plans with aggregate deal capitalization in excess of $3 billion since 1991.
  • Basis: As an off-market transaction, the Property was acquired at an extremely favorable purchase price.
  • Cash-on-Cash: The projected cash-on-cash return remains strong during the renovation period, approaching 10% in the second year. Once renovations are complete the new units enable an even stronger cash-on-cash return throughout the holding period.
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