Audio Masterclass:
How to Professionalize a Nascent Industry

By The ArborCrowd Team
Nov 26, 2019

An exclusive interview about building a business in an emerging industry

Adam Kaufman, ArborCrowd’s Co-Founder and COO, was exclusively selected by John Lee Dumas to discuss starting his business, lessons learned, and to shed light on the future of ArborCrowd and the industry at large on his award-winning podcast, Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Listen to the episode here or on your favorite podcasting platform to find out:

  • How and why Adam started ArborCrowd
  • Lessons being learned along the way
  • The immense potential for the real estate crowdfunding industry
  • Advice for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs on Fire is an award-winning podcast (Best of iTunes) of over 2,000 episodes and over 1 million listeners per month where John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs who are truly ON FIRE.