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Find company news, events, updates, webinars, virtual property tours, and exclusive insights from ArborCrowd Co-Founders Adam Kaufman and Ivan Kaufman in this category.

ArborCrowd Property Video: Selby Ranch SFR Community
By The ArborCrowd Team
Mar 7, 2022
ArborCrowd’s Lago Paradiso Investment Sold for Outsized Returns
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jan 21, 2022
ArborCrowd Participates in eCore21 Summit
Nov 22, 2021
Real Estate Investment Calculator: IRR and Cash Flow
Sep 15, 2021
Debt in the Commercial Real Estate Capital Stack
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jun 7, 2021
Ivan Kaufman on CNBC: How COVID-19 Affected Multifamily
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jun 26, 2020
NYU’s Real Estate Crowdfunding Case Study Webinar Spotlights ArborCrowd
By The ArborCrowd Team
May 22, 2020
Webinar - ArborCrowd 2020: Deal Selection and Approach
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jan 30, 2020
NYU’s Schack Institute Features ArborCrowd in Case Study for 2019-2020...
By The ArborCrowd Team
Dec 11, 2019
Harvard University and ArborCrowd
By The ArborCrowd Team
Dec 9, 2019
Audio Masterclass: How to Professionalize a Nascent Industry
By The ArborCrowd Team
Nov 26, 2019
ArborCrowd’s Second Sold Deal Outperforms Projections
By The ArborCrowd Team
Nov 21, 2019
ArborCrowd Property Video: Biscayne 112
Nov 21, 2019
How a Millennial Couple Invests in Real Estate with ArborCrowd
By The ArborCrowd Team
Mar 19, 2019
ArborCrowd Investor Q&A: Why a Single-Family Investor Made the Jump...
By The ArborCrowd Team
Sep 11, 2018
Virtual Tour of Cove West Hartford Apartments
Aug 15, 2018
Do You Know All Your Real Estate Investment Options?
Mar 27, 2018
Virtual Tour of Tower on Ryan Park
Mar 6, 2018
Fireside Chat with ArborCrowd
Jan 24, 2018
Tour the Quarry Station Property
Dec 28, 2017
Miami Investment Offering - Lago Paradiso
Dec 27, 2017
Take a Property Tour of Lago Paradiso
Dec 24, 2017
Tour of Southern States Multifamily Portfolio
Dec 20, 2017
A History of Crowdfunding
Nov 24, 2017
Arbor Commercial Seeks to Build Muscle in Crowdfunding World
Sep 28, 2017
Investor Interview: Learning What NOT to Do in Real Estate...
Aug 21, 2017
Why Invest in Lago Paradiso?
Aug 14, 2017
The Stoler Report – Emerging Trends in Real Estate
By The ArborCrowd Team
May 18, 2017
ArborCrowd Picture Story
May 1, 2017
Message from Ivan Kaufman, our CEO
Apr 4, 2017
First-Time Investor Tells His Real Estate Crowdfunding Story
Mar 30, 2017
ArborCrowd Featured on Sirius XM Business Radio
Oct 7, 2016