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Features in-depth information for equity investors with emphasis given to the equity side of the real estate capital stack, including common equity and preferred equity. We also highlight equity investments on the ArborCrowd platform.

ArborCrowd Property Video: Selby Ranch SFR Community
By The ArborCrowd Team
Mar 7, 2022
ArborCrowd’s Lago Paradiso Investment Sold for Outsized Returns
By The ArborCrowd Team
Jan 21, 2022
The Real Estate Capital Stack: Understanding Equity vs. Debt
By The ArborCrowd Team
May 14, 2021
High Demand for Multifamily Properties as Investors Come off the...
By The ArborCrowd Team
Apr 6, 2021
How Single-Family Rentals Compare to Traditional Apartment Buildings
By The ArborCrowd Team
Apr 1, 2021
Real Estate Crowdfunding vs. Rental Property
By The ArborCrowd Team
Nov 20, 2020
How Opportunity Zones Became More Attractive to Investors
By The ArborCrowd Team
Mar 4, 2020
ArborCrowd’s Second Sold Deal Outperforms Projections
By The ArborCrowd Team
Nov 21, 2019
ArborCrowd’s North Miami Offering Sees Strong Investor Demand
By The ArborCrowd Team
Nov 21, 2019
ArborCrowd Property Video: Biscayne 112
Nov 21, 2019
Virtual Tour of Cove West Hartford Apartments
Aug 15, 2018
Virtual Tour of Tower on Ryan Park
Mar 6, 2018
Tour the Quarry Station Property
Dec 28, 2017
Miami Investment Offering - Lago Paradiso
Dec 27, 2017
Take a Property Tour of Lago Paradiso
Dec 24, 2017
Tour of Southern States Multifamily Portfolio
Dec 20, 2017
Why Invest in Lago Paradiso?
Aug 14, 2017
Why IRR Matters in Real Estate: Evaluating what is a...
By The ArborCrowd Team
Feb 24, 2017
Real Estate Crowdfunding: Should I Invest in Debt or Equity?
Oct 25, 2016
6 Reasons Why Apartments are a Stable Investment
May 10, 2016